This is an Internal Combustion Engine conversion to Electric Motor Assembly. This patent allows ADOMANI to develop an all-electric motor assembly using the Original Manufacture's accessory parts like alternators, pumps, compressors, and belts.  

ADOMANI uses the existing OEM parts like the OEM transmission (with the torque converter), alternators, belts, pulleys, compressors, etc.  Since ADOMANI uses the parts on their patented EMA, that means anyone using an ADOMANI drivetrain does not need specialized infrastructure to maintain and repair its vehicles.  

ADOMANI Electric Drive Shaft:

Because of our patents, ADOMANI can place an electric motor of any kind between the OEM transmission and OEM rear end of any rear-wheel drive vehicle.  

This is a very cost effective, efficient technology which allows a single part of an OEM vehicle to be replaced, like the drive shaft. The ADOMANI electric drive shaft is placed in between the OEM transmission and the OEM rear end allowing the vehicle to assist the gas engine, increasing MPG by as much as 130 MPG.