Answering the need for reliable green transportation solutions, ADOMANI provides complete zero-emission electric and hybrid vehicle solutions to school bus and medium to heavy-duty fleet operators.

By delivering value on the total cost of ownership, ADOMANI helps commercial vehicles run clean and save green.


The company began when serial entrepreneur Edward Monfort, who had previously launched high-performance car and metal treatment companies, invented a system to electrically re-power vehicles of all sizes while retaining and repurposing OEM components to reduce costs, minimize parts count and simplify service.

Awarded a unique drivetrain patent in 2012, Monfort, with the help of friends, raised funds and founded ADOMANI Inc. to allow further drivetrain refinements and a fleet of prototype vehicles, including hybrid and electric conversions of the Ford Mustang, Ford F-150 and Dodge 1500 Ram pick-up trucks.

Challenged by a heavy-duty fleet vehicle industry executive who called it impossible, Monfort converted a Type-D Blue Bird School Bus to all-electric drive, with comparable power and torque. The challenge was fateful, and after discussions with top fleet managers, careful market research and due diligence, the company decided to focus on zero-emission, electric drivetrain development for school buses and medium to heavy-duty fleet vehicles. We pride ourselves on our collaboration with trusted service partners to address our customers’ specific needs and ensure reliable service options down the road. Through customizing vehicle orders, providing ongoing maintenance options, or managing the integration of hybrid or zero emission vehicles ("ZEVs") into a traditional fuel-powered fleet, ADOMANI has the team and extended network to ensure long-term satisfaction.

Our purpose is to spare you regular upkeep headaches and fuel cost concerns, in addition to allowing you to comply with ever-increasing federal, state and local air quality restrictions. By choosing ADOMANI all-electric vehicles, you get ahead of the curve in fleet management with vehicles that perform better, cleaner and stand out from the rest.



This is an Internal Combustion Engine conversion to Electric Motor Assembly ("EMA"). This patent allows ADOMANI to develop an all-electric motor assembly using the Original Equipment Manufacturer's ("OEM") accessory parts like alternators, pumps, compressors, and belts.

ADOMANI uses the existing OEM parts like the OEM transmission (with the torque converter), alternators, belts, pulleys, compressors, etc. Since ADOMANI uses the parts on their patented EMA, that means anyone using an ADOMANI drivetrain does not need specialized infrastructure to maintain and repair its vehicles.

ADOMANI Electric Drive Shaft:

Because of our patents, ADOMANI can place an electric motor of any kind between the OEM transmission and OEM rear end of any rear-wheel drive vehicle.

This is a very cost effective, efficient technology which allows a single part of an OEM vehicle to be replaced, like the drive shaft. The ADOMANI electric drive shaft is placed in between the OEM transmission and the OEM rear end allowing the vehicle to assist the gas engine, increasing MPG.