New Fleet Vehicles (Zero-Emission Electric Drivetrains)

Best new fleet vehicle choices are those most popular in commercial and municipal fleets, those with available city, air-district, State and Federal government incentives and those that give a “showcase” opportunity to Corporations wishing to visibly demonstrate their “green” initiatives to the public.  

•The use of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) complete vehicles or vehicle chassis are utilized.

•For advanced zero-emission electric designs, ADOMANI will replace the OEM drivetrain system of the “donor” base vehicle with electric drive motor(s) systems unless the base vehicle can be procured as a “roller/glider” (no engine).

•Vehicle range is directly related to total battery pack size and there is a diminishing return as the weight of incremental battery packs is increased.

•Anticipated vehicle route planning will determine an optimal range and pack size.

•Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery cells (expected 2000 cycle life) are standard.

•Other battery chemistries can be provided at additional cost that allow for 10,000+ cycle life and ultra-fast charging (full charge in 10-12 minutes).

•Ultra-fast charge enabled vehicles, usually require upgraded facility based charging infrastructure.