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ADOMANI makes and designs all electric and plug-in hybrid electric kits for small trucks, medium size trucks, Class C and Class D vehicles, and school and transit buses.  In most vehicles, these kits can be installed in less than a day and use over 90% of the vehicle's OEM parts.  All electric kits will have a 30, 60 and 90 mile distance battery packs and the plug-in hybrid electric kits will have a 30 mile pack.  All kits come with a 5-year warranty using parts that have been proven and tested in the industry for over 8 years.

These kits will allow commercial fleets to convert their existing light, medium and large trucks and buses into green vehicles at a fraction of the cost using robust proven parts and state-of-the-art technology.  


ADOMANI uses everything on the vehicle except the engine block retaining most of the OEM parts on the vehicles.  The kits come with an adaptor plate for the transmission, an electric motor that is attached to the adaptor plate connecting it to the OEM transmission, an accessory plate that attaches to the other side of the electric motor that allows you to reattach the OEM alternator, a compressor, power steering pump and pulley tensioner. The kit also comes with a battery box and a controller box and a customized numbered wiring harness so there is no guess-work in wiring the vehicle.

ADOMANI has one patent for its hybrid systems and five patents pending on its all electric kits, hybrid kits and battery kits. All kits will be offered to approved vendors and or franchisees who will be required to take a three day course on how to install the ADOMANI kits.


Project One: Ram 1500 Hybrid:

The converted plug-in electric hybrid Ram Truck uses an ADOMANI electric driveshaft that allows the user to only replace the OEM drive shaft in a Ram 1500 fleet truck.  This kit does not require any complicated integration with the truck's computer, engine, or transmission. You only need to install the ADOMANI electric driveshaft in between the transmission and rear-end using the brackets supplied with the kit.  Once the electric driveshaft is installed, you then simply place the battery box (size of a tool box) in the back bed area and secure and connect 4 plugs.  After you install the battery box, you then install the waterproof controller under the truck and plug in one plug from the battery box.  You will attach two wires to your ignition switch (like installing a simple Wal-Mart stereo) and you install the throttle to power the electric drive shaft to the pedal area and you are done with the install.

Generation Two is now being developed and patented which will use a very small underdrive unit combined and attached to the electric driveshaft allowing faster take off time from a stop reducing a large amount of stress on the electric drive shaft


The electric driveshaft kit can be charged twice a day giving you 60 miles of electric driving.  Since the engine is on idle while you are using your electric driveshaft the truck should result in getting maximum of 140mpg if you don't drive over 60 miles per day.  This would create a payback in fuel savings alone. Including oil changes and other maintenance savings, we anticipate a 3.5-year pay back on a system that can last up to 20 years.

Project Two: The All Electric Ford Ranger Kit:

ADOMANI has developed the first ever kit that turns a Ford Ranger into an all electric truck in less than a day.  With a install time of less than 12 hours, two mechanics can take out the engine block, install a plate on the transmission, attach the electric motor to that plate, then install a accessory plate to the other side of the motor, reattach all of the OEM parts (alternator, compressor, idle pulley, belt and pump), place the battery pack in the back of the truck and connect the 5 wiring harnesses, install two wire to the ignition switch, and install a display unit for voltage.

A person with very little auto mechanical experience can install a simple type of engine in a car, connect numbered wires, and then finish the install in one day with help from another person (for safety reasons). The converted vehicle drives just like a gas vehicle using all of the same OEM parts except the engine block and the gas tank.


The all electric Ranger can be charged twice a day giving you 80 miles of electric driving each day.  All electric vehicles require no gas, no oil changes, and can save up to  $10,000 per year with no gas, oil bills and auto maintenance charges.  And, this does not take into account the down time that is eliminated.

Project Three: The Electric 45 foot school Bus:

ADOMANI has developed the first ever all electric converted "Working" school bus kit that install in less than a week. Many companies, including several fortune 500 companies, have attempted to produce a working 100% electric school bus from an existing older bus all to no avail. ADOMANI has accomplished this feat.
ADOMANI developed an electric motor kit that has the robustness of powering a large military hovercraft and the power to replace the Cummins diesel engine block and turbo system.  This electric motor kit connects to the existing automatic Allison transmission allowing you to use over 90 percent of the OEM parts.

A battery pack has been designed into a safe transferable module system that makes it very easy to maintain.  The pack is protected by a BMS (Battery Management System) that constantly maintains and manages each and every cell to perform in the most efficient reliable manner.

The existing safety brake system is left in tact and augmented using a separate electric pump for the air compressor and hydraulic system giving the bus full driver control in the event of a collision unlike the existing OEM bus design.

The controller is a robust reliable computer controlled system that also acts like a backup system to keep the battery pack in a healthy condition. It has the ability to slowly reduce power over a 2-minute period creating a safe shut down mode for the driver and his/her passengers in the event of any type of failure.

This new system is state-of-the-art. It is very easy to install, maintain, and very safe with no harmful fumes or gases that might impair the health of the passengers.

ADOMANI has also designed a power panel that will allow the bus to be used in a national disaster as an emergency power station.


Each bus will have the ability to travel up to 160 miles per day (80 miles per charge) giving the community a safer bus and substantially less pollution.  With older buses averaging 7 mpg, there is an incredible payoff in less than a year with a 20-year lifespan. At $5 per gallon for diesel and traveling 160 miles per day and using the bus every day and a cost of under $125K for the kit, the ADOMANI solution should pay for itself in 782 days.


ADOMANI is working with cities, counties, states, government grants, bus companies and has other partners like:


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